White Noise Explained and How It Helps You Sleep

You understand white light don't you? White light is composed of all the wavelengths and frequencies of light in the visible spectrum. It comes out white. White paint reflects all the light that falls on it and absorbs none, so appears white.

Black objects absorb all the light and reflects none. No light reflects back to your eyes, so the object appears black. White noise is the sound analogue of white light.

It is composed of all the sound wavelengths and frequencies in the sound spectrum. It sounds like a hum and is very soothing. It can be described as a flat noise spectrum.

Any other sound generated simply joins it without changing its effect on the human ear, in the same way as some extra red light added to the white light spectrum would not change the white appearance to the human eye. Complete white noise has a harsh sound to the ears, but that produced by white noise machines is gentler, more like the background hiss that radio astronomers pick up from outer space, which is believed to be the noise left after the big bang. The combination of frequencies is soothing and can help those who are distracted by individual sounds. Copyright, All Rights Reserved. Reprints acceptable ONLY if the entire article remains the same, including this author resource box! Barking dogs, for example, are neutralized since the noise they make simply adds itself to all the other frequencies that make up white noise.

It is not recognized since it is not unique within the general spectrum of sound. It sounds a bit like sci-fi but it works and has a sound scientific basis that proves the theory. White noise sound machines are often used by people who have tinnitus. This is an irritating ringing in the ears which has no known treatment.

It can be a symptom of Ménières Disease which is a disorder of the labyrinth in the ear that causes vertigo, and white noise is used to mask the ringing to an acceptable sound level and allow relaxation and sleep. White noise is so soothing to the human ear that it is widely used to help induce sleep in children suffering from colic. This condition is very upsetting to parents, though it does not appear to bother the children apart from the crying. Sound machines are recommended by doctors to help babies sleep. They are useful in helping the parents get some sleep since they mask out the crying sound. With babies they appear to hide the environmental stimuli thought to be the cause of colic in most children.

High quality White noise machines come in several forms, including the Marpac SleepMate 980, Obus Forme Sound Machine, Conair Sound Conditioners and the Sound Oasis. They provide a gentle hum or waterfall sound that is very soothing, but can remove even noises and barking dogs. They are often used to help people sleep better by masking outside audible environmental stimuli. Sometimes white sound can be used, not only to mask the sound of barking dogs, but also to soothe them. The constant white sound appears to quieten such dogs and help other animals that have specific disorders caused by fear or separation, and has just as much sleep-inducing properties with animals as with humans. Human beings need sleep, and without enough of it their efficiency and alertness are reduced.

This can have devastating results psychologically and physically, and can cause accidents and death. Sleep deprivation has been the cause of many deaths on the highways and white sound machines can cure this problem. These machines are becoming more popular because of its effect in removing extraneous noises like continual chatter, loud music and barking dogs. However, if you are a parent, you will find its most appealing application is in allowing a good night's sleep when you have a child that is finding it difficult to fall asleep.

Not only will a white noise machine soothe your child to sleep, bit it will also help you to get some much needed sleep. The strangest thing about white noise is that it is unknown to so many people.

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