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It's time you know what the latest technological gadget is. In fact, this new toy is buzzing everywhere nowadays. PDA cell phones are popping up more and more in the market place. Young or old, maybe you should be asking yourself whether this new cellular phone is something you should consider owning? Well, if you’re unsure about whether a PDA mobile phone is the right piece of hardware for you, don't be. Read on and find out everything you need to know about these great wireless phones!

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Best Friends with Cellphones

It may seem impossible to believe, but today’s teens do want to consider their parents as friends, even though they think we could never understand the realities of their world. They are also interested in what it was like being a teenager during the Stone Age. Life without cell phones or the Internet must have been unimaginable!

So even with this interest, can parents and teens really become best friends when competing with busy schedules, and raging hormones? The answer is a resounding YES and it is worth the effort!


PDA Cellphones

Boasting a slimmer screen and a built-in camera, the second version of the T-Mobile Sidekick is more of a refinement than a revamp of its predecessor cellphone.

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