VoIP Technology Pros and Cons

If you are familiar with VoIP, the acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, then you know that it is one of the latest and greatest ways of communicating. Instead of making a phone call using the telephone, people can now communicate by voice over the Internet. But is VoIP truly all that it is cracked up to be? Lets look at both the pros and cons of VoIP technology. There are many benefits to VoIP. The only requirement you need is a broadband connection with either DSL or cable.

If you have this, you can use VoIP. If you use VoIP through a PC-to-PC connection, then your calls are free anywhere, as long as, the receiver of the call has VoIP also. In addition, most VoIP providers offer unlimited calling plans for calls made within a certain area, for one monthly fee. There would be a nominal charge for calls made outside this area.

In all cases, traditional phone service is much costlier. Most providers also offer extra premium services such as caller id, without additional charges. Another benefit, with the integration of voice and data, is that there is a need for only one system. This makes for easy installation and saves money. An IP address, or number identifies each IP phone, and it is known by this address no matter where it is plugged in.

The only thing required would be a broadband connection. This makes for easy moving or addition. Along the lines of easy transportability, phones can be utilized anywhere as long as they are connected to an IP network.

This assists telecommuting and international offices. All of these relate to cost savings. They are also very light and easy to carry. There doesn't appear to be any downsides to this new technology or does there? One of the biggest problems with VoIP is that it is run by power.

If there is a power outage, your communications are down. This is unlike traditional phone service, where you can still use your phone without the aid of electricity. There are also problems with dialing emergency 911 numbers. Normally when an emergency call is placed, the call is traced back to the sender and routed to the nearest 911-communication center in that area. In the case of VoIP, numbers cannot be traced to a location. If you are unable to talk, that 911 call will be useless, as it will not be capable of leading rescuers to your sight.

Voice quality, in general, is efficient, but when you get into cable broadband, high traffic times could result in poorer qualities. Since the data is broken down and transmitted, sometimes a packet of data is delayed and will be dropped. This will result in silent periods. You may also need to update your phone equipment since VoIP may only work with newer phones.

Depending on how many phones you have to replace, this could be an expense. The fact is that VoIP still has some kinks to work out. It is anticipated that these bugs will be resolved sometime during 2007. They are temporary annoyances, which will be soon be eradicated. As you can see, VoIP's benefits far outnumber its negatives.

From all aspects VoIP is the phone of the future, but the future may very well be here and now.

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