Tag Clouds Coming to Your Desktop

With overwhelming amounts of information cramming the Internet, it's harder and harder to find something meaningful every day. Web directories such as DMOZ can hardly list a few million sites, when there are literally hundreds of millions of them in the wild. There are almost a hundred billion unique Web pages in existence. It comes to no surprise that this non-structured, hardly categorized crowd can no longer be effectively searched.

Finding a particular site from billions of pages is near impossible statistically. One has to be dedicated and persistent in formulating advanced search queries in order to find the result. You can 'surf' the list of returned results, and if you're lucky, you'll find what you need. Want more of the same kind of result? Until today, you had no other choice but to continue surfing.

That's all changed now. With the release of INTSPEI P-Navigator http://www.p-navigator.

com/, you are no longer forced to surf on the surface of the Internet. Dive deep into the depths of mysterious relations and tag clouds, and get more than you even wanted when you started searching! Based on tag clouds, P-Navigator not only searches better; it searches deeper. Tag clouds are assemblies of links made of various sized words that you can stumble upon frequently on blogs. On most blogs, the size of the link typically indicates the number of times the tag was used on that site. P-Navigator reinvents the concept of tag clouds by performing semantic analysis of all resources on the Web, and forming tag clouds to improve your searches. P-Navigator is a daring explorer of the depths of the Internet.

Based on revolutionary search technologies, P-Navigator makes comprehensive Web searches available to everyone. P-Navigator allows finding documents and finding out about relations visually, memorizing and improving your searches with a semantic tag cloud. All actions are performed from the convenient crafted visual interface coming straight from tomorrow. P-Navigator brings you not just a revolutionary visual view of a search experience, it also offers a fully featured tool for researching the Internet not only on what's out there, but on how such things relate to each other. Your searches are structured into straightforward hierarchies, and are easy to refine by simply clicking the mouse.

Another click of a mouse will switch the view on what's linking to the page being investigated. One more click, and the view is transmutated to display what other pages are referred by the page you are researching. Need your own view? Unleash your imagination and make one! With P-Navigator, you can reach hidden information, find out how one document is related to others, assemble all connections and solve the puzzle. Intrigued? Download P-Navigator now (http://www.p-navigator.

com/). Revolutionize your search and never look back.

Frank Gray is a senior Internet Search Technologies developer.


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