Strategic Information Technology Consulting Firm

Strategic Information technology is a specialized field focusing on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives. Strategic technology consulting firm provides advice, implementation services, deployment, and administration of IT systems on businesses' behalf. Strategic technology consulting firm or company providing information technology consulting services can be viewed as a three-tier system: ? Professional firms: Professional services firms maintain large professional workforces and even command high bill rates. These firms also are increasingly sourcing their employees from low-cost nations. ? Staffing firms: Staffing firms place technologists in businesses on a temporary basis. These staffing firms are pejoratively known as "body shops".

This type of strategic technology consulting firm is usually distinguished from consultancies by their commercial practice of pricing service by the day, rather than by the results of their work. ? Independent consultant: Independent consultant firm provides information technology consulting services and function as contractors. There is a very thin line between a management consulting firm and strategic technology consulting firm.

There are overlaps between the two fields. Strategic technology consulting firms often has degrees in computer science, electronics, technology or management of information systems. Whereas, a technology management consulting firm often holds degrees in accounting, economics, finance, or a generalized MBA degree.

Finding an honest and capable strategic technology consulting firm is a lot like finding an honest mechanic. The biggest problem in this aspect is that you won't know if you've hired the wrong consultant firm until you are into your project and have already invested a lot of time and money. Your chosen strategic technology consulting firm may look like they are doing a good job, but unless you are technically savvy yourself, you have no way of judging that.

The best way to avoid any loss, is hiring certified strategic technology consulting firms. The chosen firm is required to uphold high standards in service and support. And they should be far more competitive than their non-certified counterparts. If you are looking for the reputable strategic technology consulting firm, Sachs & Associates should be your destination.

Sachs & Associates is a Los Angeles based strategic technology consulting firm providing information technology consulting services to various companies. People working in Sachs & Associates include a former FDIC Examiner with 43 years of banking experience and compliance skills. For more information on strategic technology consulting firm, information technology consulting services, information technology consulting firm and business technology consulting, visit at www. now.

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