Offer Your Kids Protection in the Playground Get Playground Rubber Mulch

We all know how important it is for our kids to be active and involved in physical activities. And that is the reason why we often arrange our backyard in a way that helps them to remain involved in some kind of activity. But one thing that we regularly overlook is the playground surface and how protective it is.

If we are talking about public playgrounds then almost 0% of them are relatively safe with shock-absorbing protective surfacing under the playground equipment. But what is startling is that only 9% of the home backyard playgrounds have any kind of protective surface. These are the figures that have been arrived at during a research study conducted by the U.

S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). There are other facts which are equally shocking. Of the 50,000 injuries that happen on an average every year which can be associated to home backyard playground equipment, about 70% are because there was no protective surfacing installed. The playground surface is generally made from either grass or dirt.

But both these surfaces don't offer much of a protection against serious injuries due to falls. Someone falling from even a height of two and a half feet can suffer fractures of arms and hands, lacerations and contusions of the head and face. In fact these are the most common reports of injuries that happen for a child falling from the playground equipment to a non-protective playground surface.

The good news is that there are plenty of playground surface options that will give your kids protection against such falls. Recycled rubber mulch is one such option. They are very durable and you don't require to replace them once every year.

In fact there are manufacturers who claim that there rubber mulch would not require to be replaced even in fifty years time. If such claims are true then you can have your kids and your grandchildren playing on the same rubber mulch. But before buying the rubber mulch check with the dealer as to what guarantee or warranty comes with the product. Rubber mulch is generally cleaner and unlike many other protective surfaces they don't make your kids get dirty during the play hours. There clothes, shoes and hands remain cleaner even during active play.

There are other advantages too. There are no issues like mold and fungus growth, neither are insects or animals attracted towards it.

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