No More Visiting My Video Rental Store

I am a gigantic film watcher and I should have purchased some stock in Hollywood Video because I am always there renting and taking back movies for my high definition television. The people at our local Maplewood store  even know me by name. I am not embarrassed though, I love movies, and they give me an escape from my long hard day at my job.

One day after viewing my latest rental, I was channel surfing and I discovered many HD channels I didn't even realize I had. .


One of these was part of the pay per view feature through my dish company. I was growing with joy as I browsed down the list of movies I haven't seen.

Many of them weren't available at my video store because they were sold out. I found at minimal six of them I wanted to watch that weekend. I decided to agree on one just to see the difference in the DVD HD quality image versus the pay per view film.

As soon as it started, I noticed a difference. .


Wow, was I in trouble now, I no longer will have time to do the long "to do" list I have at home because I have discovered HD pay per view. After going through nearly every movie in the list, I had to go back to my video store. It has been a month since I visited the store and they were all worried because they didn't know what happened to their most popular customer.

I told the workers about my discovery and they were all grinning shaking their heads. I picked up a few more movies and returned home. .


Several nights later, I checked the high definition channel for pay per view movies and there were a lot more new ones available.

I was so fortunate that my cable provider was on top of my needs and delivered such great movies in quality high definition picture. I returned the flicks to the rental store and returned to my television for flick watching. Having HD movies available with a few taps of my remote controller has helped me save time, money and gas. .


The high definition pay per view movies are cheaper than the ones at Blockbuster and I don't have to drive 5 miles all the time anymore. I see my buddies at the store roughly once a week now because that is all it takes for me to get what I need in between the time my cable company offers new movies for me to view.

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