Microsoft Word review

Microsoft Word 2007 Microsoft office 2007 a great upgrade from office 2003. The whole look is changed to more user friendly interface with clearly distinct sections such as Insert tables, clipart, page layout, references, mailing, review content and view content. So it is very useful to users as they don't have to find them in all in one tool box as in office 2003. There are many more useful upgrades. Whenever you make a change in current configuration it shows preview and you can easily select whether it is looking good or not for example if you want to change the font then just highlight words and as you move your mouse arrow over different font sizes it shows the changes that will be made immediately.

Insert tab contains almost everything that you may need to insert in word file 1) Tables of custom size columns and rows 2) Picture 3) Clipart, shapes, smart art ( It contains lot of collection of symbols which you can use to make project reports, analysis reports etc) charts, and page brakes 4) You get option to insert hyperlink, bookmarks, cross reference 5) Header, footer and page numbers 6) And many more features such as word art, date and time, signature line, equations, symbols All the things are sorted and it is very easy to locate and use them Page Layout tab contains everything about page layout, settings, margins, spacing between the lines position of picture etc. This section is similar to word 2003 with extra options for page background setting and themes References Tab helps you mostly to make a report where you require to create table of content, footnotes, citation and bibliography, captions, Index and table of Authorities. It has following features that are good for users 1) One touch Table of content with option of 1,2, and ever 3 layer Index 2) Option of Updating table created earlier. 3) Inserting footnotes to explain certain words and terms in your report or document is very simple with auto numbering and auto font selection for foot note. You also have option of watching all notes you write together for review. 4) One click Bibilography will save lot of time of author 5) Inserting captions for figures on page with numbering is important feature.

6) Preparing Index is very good tool which will save lot of time of author you can just select words and mark them in Index Mailing Tab provides tools about mailing containing both email and normal postal mail 1) Clear distinct tab for envelops and labels will make it easy to print rather than making setting changes and making correction in fonts as in office 2003 2) Direct emailing using mail client such outlook or Thunderbird 3) And many other options for merging email, writing and inserting fields, previewing results Review Tab helps to review the document 1) Contains spell check, research option, translator which can translate to other languages, word count to keep track of how many words you have written. 2) Comments, you can comment on certain section of line and that will be shown as balloons means that will come out when line is selected. 3) Protecting your document is important and you can do all type of protecting here.

View tab helps us to see how our document will look like in different formats , web layout, draft, print layout, and even amazing option of full screen reading that will turn you screen in page of book so it will certainly make reading e books little fun and There are zooming option too. Saving The files It is important to note that word 2007 saves file in .dox extension and not .doc extension so if you want that your file should be readable by office 2003 or lower versions then you have to set your default file type for saving as word document 97-2003.

.dox extension saves lot of space than .doc it nearly take only half the space as .doc file takes. My ratings Appearance : **** Ease of working: ***** Working tools: ***** Overall : **** Install and use the Publish as PDF or XPS add-in from Microsoft To save or export a file to PDF or XPS, you must first install the Publish as PDF or XPS add-in for the 2007 Microsoft Office system. 1.

Go to the Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS Add-in for 2007 Microsoft Office programs and follow the instructions on that page. 2. After you install the Publish as PDF or XPS add-in, you can export your file to PDF or XPS. Find links to more information about how to do this in the See Also section.
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