Exploring Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are commonly used in our household and offices. Many people prefer Halogen bulbs than other bulbs - but do you really know what a halogen bulb is? What is the difference between Halogen bulbs from other bulbs? What is it made of? Is it really more efficient than other bulbs? 1. Halogen? What's That? Halogen bulbs are part of the incandescent light family. It is also called as tungsten-halogen filament incandescent bulbs because of the elements present inside it.

The Halogen light bulbs have a small capsule that contains a special gas which called halogen. These gasses are the ones working to produce the bright light halogen bulbs emit. This may contain an amount of iodine or bromine depending on the model of the bulb. 2.

Why Do Halogen Bulbs Last Longer? When any kind of light bulb heats up, the tungsten from the filament evaporates into the bulb. If the tungsten is fading out and can no longer evaporate anymore, the bulb burns out. The blackening of the light bulb is the essence of the evaporated tungsten. Because this type of bulb contains halogen which is an element that delays the breaking of the filament inside the bulb, it lasts longer than any kind of bulbs. 3. What Are They Made Of? The halogen bulbs are usually made of hard kinds of glass.

These hard glasses are stronger and could withstand extreme levels of heat. Many of these hard glasses that are used in Halogen bulbs vary in different sizes. Commonly, the manufacturers produce a smaller bulb because the smaller the Halogen bulb is, the larger amount of pressures it could endure. The most common material used in halogen bulbs are quartz.

Just like any other incandescent lights, the halogen bulbs also produce UV output. Although the halogen bulbs may produce larger amounts of ultraviolet light, the quartz absorbs the extra heat and ultraviolet light it gives out. 4. Halogen Bulb Effectiveness Since Halogen bulbs produce more light, they can operate on reduced energy input. Because they last longer than standard incandescent bulbs, they save you money. The typical halogen bulb could last as long as three years, or at least 2,500 hours.

These Halogen bulbs are 25 percent more economical than most lights. Although Halogen bulbs have the same voltage and wattage expectancy than all of the bulb choices, it is much reliable because of the halogen it contains. 3. Using Halogen Bulbs For the Halogen bulbs to work efficiently, the bulb should emit at least 250 degrees Celsius. Without this temperature, the halogen gas could not be evaporated successfully into the bulb. The tungsten filament and the halogen gas would not react in a cold temperature.

The halogen bulbs are used in a range of lighting equipments from flashlights to aircraft running lights and car headlights to dimming lights. They appear in your offices and household as reading lights for bed-side table or office table, grow lights for your indoor plantation, slide projectors for presentation purposes, outdoor lights used in porches that could prevent mosquitoes or for parking lots, and many more. 4. Risks Halogen bulbs are fire hazards. These bulbs produce extreme heat, so make sure to properly use the halogen lights.

By placing your lamp far from walls, shelves, wood, drapes, bed sheets and other furniture, you would be sure that your place is safe from fire. Always remember to switch your halogen lamp off when you leave your room or office. Make sure that the cords of the lamp are safe from people tripping on it.

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