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The Coby MP-C7000 is a cute-looking MP3 player. It's about the size of the iPod Nano, but with rounded edges, and it's ensconced in a rather Mac-like white-plastic casing. An ample (1.8-inch) color LCD dominates the front of the device, and a five-way control pad sits below that. On the back of the player, you'll find an unusual thing: an on/off switch.

A mechanical power switch isn't a bad thing, but it's certainly rare in MP3 players these days. Finally, we have two annoying proprietary ports: a super-mini USB on the bottom and a 2.5mm headphone jack on top.

The MP-C7000 won't work with your standard stereo headphones without a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter. # 1.

8" Full-Color TFT LCD Display # Plays Music, Video, Photos, and Text # Plays Digital Music from most online stores and subscription services # ID3 and LRC Support for song and synchronized lyric information display # Integrated FM Radio and Recorder # Integrated Microphone for Digital Voice Recording # USB 2.0 for Ultra-Fast File Transfers (up to 40x faster than USB 1.0) # Unit Dimensions: 1.66" x 3.5" x 0.

45" (WHD) # Gift Box PackagingACCESSORIES INCLUDED: # Professional Stereo Earphones # USB Cable The Coby MP-C7082 1 GB Mini MP3 and Video Player with FM Radio boasts incredible functionality and a powerful output, in a sleek and compact design. The chic and sexy Coby MP-C7082 provides you with all the features you need for a complete portable entertainment device, making it the perfect companion for everything from the daily commute, to the around-the-world traveling vacation. This player lets you listen to your favorite digital music in either MP3 or WMA format, and includes WDRM10 digital-rights management support for playing digital music purchased from most online stores and subscription services. This music player also includes ID3 tagging and LRC support in order to provide you with song and synchronized lyric information on screen. On top of music, the MP-C7082 lets you watch all your favorite videos in AMV format, as well as take your favorite pictures with you, or view your vacation snapshots without waiting to get home in JPEG format. What's more, this unit allows you to read eBooks in TXT format, and even includes an integrated FM radio receiver, with the capability to record your favorite radio programs for later listening.

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