Cable Modem Tweaks Boost Your Connection Free

Don't you find it annoying that whenever you are in a middle of research or online surfing, the connection suddenly stops? If you've experienced that a number of times, perhaps the problem might lie with the cable modem. And what you can do perform a few tweaks on the cable modem in order to optimize its operation. Say the cable modem on your computer gets disconnected after a few minutes, then here's a cable modem tweak that can help you address the issue. One reason this thing happens in your computer is that this is Windows XP-related. On the Windows XP, there is an option that allows the computer to turn off the USB device in order to save on power.

Now what you can do is to disable this option. Just click on the start button and highlight the My Computer icon and select the option that says properties. A window will then appear with the system properties. Navigate the window by clicking on the hardware tab and press the device manager button. Expand the serial bus controllers and double click on the USB root hub.

You'll now see the Power Management tab and uncheck the 'allow the computer to turn off the device to save power'. If the computer displays a number of USB root hub, then make sure that you repeat the same steps for that same number of hubs. Often a cable modem that disconnects after a few hours can be remedied by performing these two steps. One cable modem tweak that is possible is by disabling the hibernation. You can right click on the desktop and click the screen saver tab.

You'll notice the power button of the display properties dialog. Click that one. Another dialog box will appear and you'll be shown the hibernate tab.

Use this box to uncheck the box beside the enable hibernation. Another good step is to disable the Windows Messenger. On the start button, select run and input the words gpedit.

msc. Proceed to the Computer Configuration then select the Administrative Templates, then straight to Windows Components and on to Windows Messenger. Don't run the messenger, just go to the properties and check the box near it to enable. Another thing that computer users can do is to configure the modem delay time. This is true usually to Motorola and Rockwell modems.

And this issue always happens right after the user has installed the Windows 2000 drivers on the XP Pro. In order to address the problem, here's a little tweak that you can do. But as a precaution, make sure that you back up your registry even if there will be no problems.

Again, click on the run and type the words 'regedit'. Then you have to select the HKEY current user/remote access/profile/"your isp". Then you to need to change the value of the disconnect idle time from 14 to zero. Following these simple steps can address the issue of internet disconnection every few hours. For a specific cable modem tweak, then a talk with the technical representative of the company can bring results.

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