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Clicking or downloading something may do more harm than good. Studies shown this is the reason that 90% of all the computers in the world have been either been compromised or crashed because of viruses or spyware. People are very well aware of what a viruses is but what about spyware. This threat is more potent because the persons credit card number may be used to make transactions without the knowledge of the owner. The only time the individual will realize what had just happened is after receiving the bill at the end of the month, which will take months to correct.

The hacker may also steal passwords, which are sensitive depending on the kind of work that the person is doing. A rival company may get the designs perhaps of a prototype automobile for example and launch this way ahead of time. These threats are not far fetched because in the technological age, identity theft and corporate espionage are rampant. The good news is, there is a way to counter these threats. Computer designers have invented spyware removal programs, which can be downloaded and installed in the computer.

There are two types of spyware removal software. The first is designed to prevent such threats from entering the computer. The second, which everyone needs, is something that is on a search and destroy mission. Here are a few choices for those everyone concerned about computer security. Since most operating systems in the US use either Windows or Mac, it is only right to start with Microsoft Beta. This scans the computer for any threats and then eliminates it.

This program has been around for a few years already, which is why something new and better needs to be made. This is now known as the Defender, which is free for window users. Another good example is Symantec that has been making programs for a number of years. The spyware remover it has is not free. Users can only avail of a 30 trial period at no cost but has to pay a certain fee to continue enjoying its services. McAfee is another good example with the success of its product called Virus Scan.

Not only does it deal with viruses because this is also designed to take out spyware that may entered the computer. There is also adaware. Home users can download and use this for free. There is no trial period like the others mentioned however, corporations that are impressed with how it has performed will have to buy it for this to operate in the company network.

The best one around given the number of people who have downloaded it is Spybots Search and Destroy. This is being used by those at home and in the office because not only will scan and delete threats but also prevent new ones from entering. It does the work of two separate programs ensuring security and the best part is that it is free.

There are other free spyware removal programs available in the Internet. Some operate similarly to the others making it hard to choose one from the other. One criteria that the individual must have n selecting will be if there are regular updates from the manufacturer.

New threats come out everyday so no one should remain complacent.

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